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Even today, a positive HIV diagnosis still frightens almost all those affected, even though the treatment of HIV infection has made great progress in recent years. A positive test result no longer means a death sentence! Nevertheless, many questions, fears and uncertainties remain that need to be clarified:

    How do I deal with the diagnosis?
    What do I tell my partner or family?
    What about my professional future?
    Which doctor do I have to go to now?
    When should I take medication?

The Aidshilfe im Kreis Unna offers professional advice and support: competent, confidential and of course free of charge.

We offer long-term support for HIV-positive people and their relatives for all situations in life, help with social and financial issues, point out offers of self-help and, on request, arrange meetings of positive self-help at state and national level.

In addition, we can apply for financial support from the German AIDS Foundation.